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Mary Francen
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Mary Francen


Actual age: Unknown



Rank: Fleet Captain

Commanding Officer
USS Mountaineer
Former XO
USS Challenger
Former Communcations
Chief USS

Fleet Capt. Mary Francen is a member of the race known as the Ghenogrie, very little is known about this race.

From what records we do know Fleet Capt. Francen is a member of the royal family in her world. As such she holds the title of Princess in her world. With her father’s ancestors tracing back to the first rulers of their home world.

Having decided at a very early age to explore other worlds she found her way into StarFleet. Where she learned to excel and created a place for herself that has allowed her to thrive and to grow beyond the limited role of member of the royal court of her planet.

Of her race the following is known. They have a very high metabolism, and as such they are in constant need of sugar-based foods and drinks.

The side effect of this, however, is they tend to be very hyperactive and high strung due to this need. Under normal circumstances this is easily controlled by the race. However, in extremely high crisis situations they can tend to be a bit over reactive.

Using medical technology Fleet Capt. Francen can control these over reactions. Which have allowed her to function as a valued leader.

Other known issues with her race are a limited sight view which considers their peripheral visual acuity. This however has made their species evolve a high audio sense. Which made her a logical choice for communications within StarFleet.

Other side effects of this visual blindness come out in the form of headaches which are normally controlled and a part of her daily life. However, in certain situations these can overwhelm her and require a rest period.

Fleet Capt. Francen rose through the ranks at an early age, having a great aptitude in planning and strategic understanding. Her first post was in the form of logistic officer, having direct say in planning of away missions and the necessary support of them.

Having shown a high aptitude for communications she was soon made the Communications chief aboard the USS Challenger where she performed many functions in that department.

She was later made the XO of the USS Challenger where she served with distinction, but also continued to work with the communications department.

Upon a need to retire from active duty for a few years to attend to matters of state in her home world, she continued to show great aptitude in communications and logistical support.

Feeling that her royal obligations were now resolved she decided to return to active duty.

While she enjoyed being back in her home world, she still felt the pull to return to the life she once had aboard a starship.

Upon becoming reactivated she was assigned to be the Commanding Officer of the newest ship of the line, the USS Mountaineer. This ship based on the Crossfield class USS Discovery was commissioned to hold the newest version of the displacement-activated spore hub drive, commonly shortened to spore drive.

The ship was given the registration number of NCC-325306

Upon being assigned to this ship Fleet Capt. Francen appointed her XO someone who was unexpected by her peers. But someone who during her time aboard the USS Challenger had come to trust and have a great working relationship with Commander Stephen Richard.

Further details about this choice can be found in Commander Richard’s file.

Fleet Capt. Francen shows a high aptitude for being able to listen to someone’s issues and give very logical answers that are not only comforting but also very intuitive. This is based on her ability to hear vocal fluctuations in someone’s speaking voice.

This ability has allowed her to defuse a great many situations because she can relate the same vocal fluctuations back, thus giving a sense of empathy in the situation.

This is enhanced by the natural empathic nature of her race to read peoples strong emotional cues. Many of her race are considered to be very high diplomatic attachés because of their ability to sense the emotional status of people.

While being able to actually read their minds is a forbidden art there are some within her race that have practiced such arts. While this is considered illegal by their government. The practice of reading emotions is not considered to be forbidden.

From a young age, the Ghenogrie children are put through rigorous training not only to sharpen their emotional reading but to weed outs those who naturally can read minds and also train those who may be able to develop this ability to block its development before it becomes active.

She is an avid reader, enjoying many different forms of literature. During her time away from her home world she developed an interest in the music of human cultures on Earth.

As part of her relaxation time, she is often listening to these musical songs at the same time while reading.

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