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Stephen Richard
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 Sir Stephen Richard


Actual age: 175

Race: Human

Rank: Captain

Exec Officer
USS Mountaineer
SFSO Group 1 Commander
Chief USS
Chief USS
SFMC OIC Reserves
R1 'Hailing Frequences Open' newsletter reporter
Training Doctorate of Special Operations Studies
Doctorate of Intelligence Operations Studies
Bridge Officer-CO
Bridge Officer-XO
Bridge Officer-SO
Bridge Officer-Comms
Bridge Officer-Engineering
Bridge Officer-Medical
Bridge Officer-Operations
Bridge Officer-Science
Bridge Officer-Security
Bridge Officer-Tatical
Bridge Officer-Weapons
Bridge Officer-Counselor
Bridge Officer-Flight Controls
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Commander Richard is an Earth born native having left the Earth upon reaching the age of maturity, he traveled among the stars. In Earth years he is 50 years old, however in physically age he is much older.

This is due to circumstances related to what is called “The Burn” While serving upon a freighter he was outside in a maintenance pod when his ship was destroyed through The Burn. As such due to the chain of events was thought to have been killed when his previous ship was destroyed.

It was later discovered that because of certain circumstances he was exposed to a freeze in his life support,  and this put him into a form of stasis. Based upon his own recorders, he was working in the pod on a cryogenics plant problem in the cooling systems board the ship. This is most likely what lead to the freezing of his life support systems. His data recorders did catch the last few seconds of his ship before it was destroyed but no data was available at the time to suggest what had happened.

He was found by a ship however because of The Burn he remained in statis for what would appear to be 125 years.

After recovering from the long-term effects of such an extended hibernation he re-enlisted in StarFleet. At the time of said events he held the rank of Ensign. Upon his reinstatement into StarFleet he worked tireless to catch up with the 125 years of history and technology advancements that happened.

He moved quickly through the ranks even without the backing of The academy. He was found to be useful in working within the Fleet as an Engineer, because of his knowledge of older systems he was able to take items found as salvage from before The Burn and work to adapt them to help StarFleet in its continuing mission.

He served as a communications engineer, where he met and made friends with the Chief of Communications who also served as the ships XO.

Upon the reopening of the Academy in the events after the solving of The burn and reinduction of dilithium. He quickly completed his education and because of his many accomplishments was granted the full rank of Commander.

Having direct traceable roots to that of the Free masons and the Templar Knights, Commander Richard wears the family sword and dagger which is traceable through what records remain to the actual time of the Templar Knights and based upon  the metallurgy scans, the sword and dagger comes from old earth times. While it is not fully known the direct age of them there is credible evidence that points to at various points in its history both were reforged and reinforced with newer metals using more current techniques and technology.

He therefor considers himself a Knight and has the title of Sir, while this title has no power in the current times, he has been able to justify the title because of the traceable roots.

Based upon the old earth mythology he has stated his spirit guide is that of a wolf. This comes about in his sense of belonging to a pack and his steadfast loyalty to that pack. This makes him very protective of his pack and as such he will defend them to his upmost.

A wolf as found in the old Earth records have a sense of loyalty, family and friendship, teamwork, protection, wildness, freedom, instincts, playfulness, and other noble traits.

These trait puts him in a high standing among his crew that he will be there for them when they need it. His belief in never leaving someone behind and always coming to the aid is well noted.

He currently serves as the XO of the USS Mountaineer a Crossfield ship based upon the USS Discovery. The first of the line in the 32nd Century to hold the spore drive as was developed. It is the third official ship to have this new and faster than line drive.

To knowledge there were only four previous ships of this class built.

This move come because the former XO and Communications Chief of the ship he served upon was made the Commanding officer of the USS Mountaineer.

The drive was previously in use in the USS Discovery NCC-1031, and the refit NCC-1031A, the other ship to have this drive was the sister ship called the Glenn, due to the restrictions placed upon the knowledge of the existence of the USS Discovery due to the emergence of the spear data knowledge of this is limited in any new records to what was disclosed by the Discovery’s original crew.

Commander Richard has a high moral belief and follows the ways of what was known as the old code. The old code was a knight’s belief in how one should conduct themselves.

The old code states:

"Inside the table's circle, Under the sacred sword. A knight must vow to follow The code that is unending, Unending as the table— A ring by honor bound.

A knight is sworn to valor, His heart knows only virtue, His blade defends the helpless, His might upholds the weak, His word speaks only truth, His wrath undoes the wicked.

 The right can never die, If one man still recalls. The words are not forgot, If one voice speaks them clear. The code forever shines, If one heart holds it bright."

 As such Commander Richard believes and shows what was known as the 7 Knightly Virtues

Courage: More than bravado or bluster, a knight must have the courage of the heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious, or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved.

 Justice: He believes that good should always prevail and that a cause must be for the greater good to be worthy of his abilities. In such he carries himself to the upmost standards.

 Mercy:  He believes that mercy is required not only of lower people but also of the higher more advanced races, He believe that Mercy shown in battle is an honor not a dishonor.

 Generosity: He believes that one should be willing to give what he must help someone else, he believes that not only in wealth but in time given to a cause.

 Faith: He believes in his faith not only as a knight but as one who follows the old Earth values of being what was called a Christian.

 Nobility: He believes in the cause of someone to be inherently noble but corruptible. He believes that is his call and duty to be always portray his virtues.

 Hope: He believes that there is always a hope for a better outcome, he believes that in very situation there is always a way to overcome them. He is extremely trusting of people who he deems to be of virtue.

 These attributes can however lead to some less than perfect results, as such Commander Richard often will take risks that some may deem unnecessary, he will speak sometimes without thinking about the outcomes of his words if he feels something is being done wrong. Even to the detriment of his position.

He will sometimes be slower to react when hard actions are needed because he will judge each circumstance based upon his senses of morality and justice. His belief in hope will sometimes lead him into a situation where he must fight his way out of a situation courageously.

When his sense of justice and fairness comes in direct confliction with a situation he will sometimes react first before he has fully understood the situation. As such he is often thought to be brash, but this is not the case. He has already determined the outcomes to be just. Even if this is not seen at the time. By the time all views are examined his view is often found to be in line with the full virtues of StarFleet and the Federation.

He is extremely intelligent and understands many forms of technology, has an extremely high aptitude for computer systems.

 He is very fluent when he speaks and can form messages that not only put someone at ease but will convey the message clearly and precisely.

He is a particularly good communicator.

He has an ability to listen to someone and judge their intent before it is even visible to others.

In other matters, he is extraordinarily talented in mythology and lore of old Earth cultures.

His ability to stand firm and fight for what he believes is unmatched in several fields.

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