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USS-Mountaineer FAQ

How do I join Mountaineer?
Join us using our online signup form, and we’ll reply ASAP. Or stop by one of our monthly meetings, and get to know us in person! To formally join our chapter, we do ask that you join our parent organization, STARFLEET, the world’s largest Star Trek fan club. Join online now.

Are there any policies I should know about?
We’re here to have fun, but there are rules in place. These rules are meant to protect all members. You can download our Membership Handbook, but the main rule is to treat other members with respect at all times.

How do I get promoted?
We have members ranging from cadets to full Admirals, who worked their way up the ranks by contributing to our chapter, our region and the Fleet level of STARFLEET. How does our promotion system work? We cover the process in the Membership Handbook, and you can keep track using our Promotion Point Form.

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