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How do I join Mountaineer?
Join the exhilarating journey of Mountaineer! Embark on your adventure by signing up through our seamless online form, where our team will respond promptly to welcome you into our vibrant community. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the camaraderie by attending our monthly meetings and experiencing the magic in person! To become part of our esteemed chapter, we kindly request that you join STARFLEET, the world's largest Star Trek fan club. Begin your extraordinary voyage today by becoming a member online!

Are there any policies I should know about?
Wondering about our guidelines? While we prioritize fun, our well-crafted rules ensure the utmost safety and a harmonious environment for all. Take a glimpse into our world and familiarize yourself with our Membership Handbook, where you'll discover that our core principle revolves around treating every member with unwavering respect.

How do I get promoted?
Ascend through the ranks and claim your rightful place among the stars! Our diverse community encompasses talented individuals ranging from cadets to esteemed Admirals, all of whom have earned their positions by making invaluable contributions to our chapter, region, and the prestigious STARFLEET. Intrigued by our promotion system? Unveil the secrets and intricacies within our Promotion Point Form, conveniently featured in the Membership Handbook. Your journey towards ultimate recognition starts here.

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