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Monthly Status Reports (MSR)
For September 2022
Fleet Members:
44442 FCAPT David Singleton 08/31/2023
53869 FCAPT Mary Francen 08/27/2023
62955 CMDR Stephen Richard 08/20/2023
84971 CMDR Keith Richard 08/23/2023
84982 LTJG Jonathan Nelson 08/31/2023
84987 ENS Shyann Converse 08/31/2023
85012 CRMN Shanta Ramlakhan 09/05/2023
Stephen Richard moved from Ens to Commander SCC 62955
Shyann Converse assigned as Ens SCC 84987
Jonathan Nelson assigned as Ens SCC 84982
Keith Richard assigned as Commander SCC 84971
As we are just starting this chapter there are few things we had planned on attending. Of those that we have attended in the last two months was as follows
9/11 Flag ceremony Charleston, WV - One of the flags raised in NYC after 9/11 made its first appearance in WV. It was presented at one of the Charleston Fire Stations and a short ceremony was held to honor the flag by the Charleston Fire/EMS/Police. The mayor was on location as well as several news stations. We attended this event for several reasons our CMO F Capt. David Singleton is a retired NJ fire fighter with 25 years of service, he however was recovering from open heart surgery and was not able to attend. Our CO and CMO both lived in New Jersey at the time of attacks. With our CO at the time working just outside of Fort Dix in a newspaper office. Her sister was on a outbound flight on that day and they had no idea if she was involved nor was there contact from her for a few days as she had flown to the Middle East as part of her job with the US Government.

We had our first BBQ with several guest in attendance for Labor Day.

Our First Newsletter was published called the Mountaineer Comms, this is available via our website

Our website and Facebook groups are up and active and we are actively recruiting.

We had our first Command Staff meeting to discuss our goals and plans for the future.

Joined the Region 1 Newsletter exchange with our first issue of the newsletter and have enjoyed looking at the other ships who have submitted to it.

The CO/XO have attended several of the Path Finder Social events on Zoom where we have interacted with others in our region.

The CO/XO attended our first Region 1 CO/XO meeting via Zoom. Following the meeting was the CS road show with the current candidates answering questions. Even though we are not currently eligible to vote in this CS election we wanted to have some understanding of the candidates.

Tried to attend our Support Ship USS Challenger club meeting Oct 2 Via zoom however link on the website kept saying invalid ID. No response from voice text sent to CO at the start of the meeting time.
See a real lack in communications from the renew/new member process. As there are no membership packets being sent out and those who have signed up as new or renewed have not received any notices as to this being processed.

Unable to find any type of recruiting flyer for SFI itself which would be available for people to see the information for SFI at a recruiting table. Was able to find the SFI application which I guess is a flyer but still nothing that really talks about SFI and what they offer.

The VRR process needs to be examined to get a better process setup. This should be standardized into the Database format, so it is trackable and no chances of getting lost in the mail or cyber space of email and junk folders. If the MSR reports can be setup as they currently are online, then there is no reason why the VRR requests should not be setup the same. We currently have no idea where our VRR is at. Last known was with the R7 RC as our support ship is in R7.

There is a real lack of version control over the various manuals. The XO took OTS and OCC last month and downloaded the IG manual then. Now he starts taking the FOS classes only to find out that a new version of the manual within a month has been released. There needs to be better version control. Changing a manual less than a month apart is not how you should control your document versions. There needs to be better control and not changing a manual within one month of each other. If changes are needed emails should be sent out to the Academy students to update their manuals.

Process for adding family members to existing accounts should be more automated than currently existing of having to put a ticket into helpdesk and waiting for the reply. It would not be hard to add sections into the DB to add family to an existing account and have that be passed through the same systems has when you join/renew.

The membership counts of 2 or 3 family members seems very much unfair if you are paying for a whole family, it should be able to be counted. Otherwise, why pay for it? It should either be all or none. This is in regard to the numbers needed for VRR and ship membership counts.

Could use some help on being able to setup the club as a 501(C)7 non-profit in West Virginia.

Region 1 has no central website for all things, awards has their own site. RDC there own site. All things should be in one central site for ease of access and for central control over all items.

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