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Monthly Status Reports (MSR)
For December 2022
Fleet Members:
44442 FCAPT David Singleton 08/31/2023
53869 FCAPT Mary Francen 08/27/2023
62955 CMDR Stephen Richard 08/20/2023
84971 CMDR Keith Richard 08/23/2023
84982 LTJG Jonathan Nelson 08/31/2023
84987 ENS Shyann Converse 08/31/2023
85012 CRMN Shanta Ramlakhan 09/05/2023
85177 CRMN Michael Barber 10/24/2023
85178 CRMN Kara Barber 10/24/2023
85179 CDT George Barber 10/24/2023
85294 MCPTAndy Clifton 11/14/2023
Stephen Richard

Aerospace (AE)
AE-291 HONORS 12/01/2022
AE-295 PASS 12/01/2022

Combat Engineer (CE)
CE-100 HONORS 12/10/2022
CE-120 PASS 12/10/2022
CE-111 HONORS 12/10/2022
CE-152 PASS 12/10/2022
CE-212 PASS 12/10/2022
CE-220 DISTINCTION 12/11/2022
CE-201 PASS 12/17/2022
CE-301 HONORS 12/24/2022

IOMA - College of Emergency Medical Services IOMA
CEMS 102a - Basic First Aid Part 1 DISTINCTION 12/02/2022 IOMA
CEMS 102b - Basic First Aid Part 2 HONORS 12/02/2022 IOMA
CEMS 102c - Basic First Aid part 3 HONORS 12/02/2022

IOMOS - COAA - School of Arms
WPN 104 - Ammunition Identification DISTINCTION 12/01/2022
WPN 109 - Non-Lethal Weapons DISTINCTION 12/01/2022

IOMOS - CSOR - College of SpecOps Resources
EQPT 106 - Optics & Sensors HONORS 12/05/2022
EQPT 107 - Ground Transportation DISTINCTION 12/05/2022

IOMOS - CSOR - School of SpecOps Defense
DEFT 102a - Medium Range Techniques HONORS 12/01/2022 DEFT 103 - Natural Weapons DISTINCTION 12/01/2022 DEFT 102b - Medium Range Techniques II HONORS 12/01/2022
DEFT 104a - Defensive Techniques Against Weapons HONORS 12/03/2022
DEFT 105 - Knife, Rope & Stick Combat HONORS 12/05/2022
DEFT 106 - Defensive Techniques HONORS 12/05/2022
DEFT 104b - Defensive Techniques Against Weapons II DISTINCTION 12/05/2022

IOMOS - CSOS - College of SpecOps Specialties
OPS 107 - Psychological Operations DISTINCTION 12/05/2022
OPS 108 - Ambush Operations DISTINCTION 12/05/2022 OPS 110 - Night Operations DISTINCTION 12/06/2022
OPS 111 - Pathfinder Operations DISTINCTION 12/06/2022 OPS 112 - Strike Operations HONORS 12/06/2022
OPS 113 - How to Attack & Clear Buildings DISTINCTION 12/14/2022
OPS 114 - Peacekeeing Operations HONORS 12/14/2022
OPS 103 - Counter Insurgency Ops Pt. 1 DISTINCTION 12/18/2022
OPS 104 - Counter Insurgency Ops Pt. 2 DISTINCTION 12/18/2022
OPS 105 - Counter Insurgency Operations pt 3 HONORS 12/18/2022
OPS 106 - Counter Insurgency Operations Pt. 4 HONORS 12/18/2022
OPS 109 - Counter-Guerilla Ops in Convential Conflicts DISTINCTION 12/18/2022

IOMOS - CSOT - College of SpecOps Training
CAMO 103 - Camouflage & Concealment DISTINCTION 12/02/2022
CAMO 102b - Avoiding Detection Part 2 HONORS 12/02/2022
CAMO 108 - Individual Camouflages Pt 1 DISTINCTION 12/05/2022
CAMO 109 - Individual Camouflages Pt 2 HONORS 12/05/2022
CSOT 102a - Advanced Survival Training, Basic Survival Medicine DISTINCTION 12/06/2022
CAMO 104 - Defensive Operations DISTINCTION 12/06/2022 CAMO 105 - High Value Targets DISTINCTION 12/06/2022 CAMO 106 - Special Environments DISTINCTION 12/06/2022 CAMO 107 - Requirements & Procedures PASS 12/06/2022 DMS 104P - Parachute Methods Pt 1 HONORS 12/06/2022 RPL 101 - Rappelling Equipment DISTINCTION 12/08/2022 RPL 102 - Rappelling Pt 1 DISTINCTION 12/08/2022
DMS 105P - Parachute Methods Pt 2 HONORS 12/08/2022 DMS 106P - Parachute Equipment DISTINCTION 12/08/2022 DMS 107S - Subsurface Methods DISTINCTION 12/08/2022 CAMO 110a - Obscurants Pt. 1 DISTINCTION 12/09/2022 CAMO 110b - Obscurants Pt.2 PASS 12/09/2022
RPL 103 - Rappelling Pt. 2 HONORS 12/12/2022
DMS 110H - Heloborne Assault pt 1 DISTINCTION 12/12/2022
DMS 111H - Heloborne Assault Pt 2 HONORS 12/12/2022 SEAR 101 - Checklist DISTINCTION 12/14/2022
SEAR 102 - Evasion DISTINCTION 12/14/2022
RPL 104 - Infiltration & Exfiltration HONORS 12/14/2022
RPL 105 - Fast Rope Techniques DISTINCTION 12/14/2022 CAMO 111a - Obscurants Pt. 3 HONORS 12/16/2022
TRA 101 - Natural Terrain Pt 1 DISTINCTION 12/16/2022 TRA 103 - Natural Terrain Pt 2 DISTINCTION 12/16/2022 CAMO 111b - Obscurants Pt. 4 DISTINCTION 12/16/2022

IOSS - College of Orbital Mechanics
COOM 101 Laws of Motion and orbits DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
COOM 102 Obtaining an Orbit HONORS 12/10/2022
COOM 103 Types of Orbits part 1 DISTINCTION 12/10/2022 COOM 104 Types of Orbits part 2 DISTINCTION 12/10/2022 COOM 105 Trajectories DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
COOM 106 Orbital Parameters and elements part 1 DISTINCTION 12/12/2022
COOM 107 Orbital Parameters and elements part 2 HONORS 12/12/2022
COOM 108 Orbital Parameters and elements part 3 DISTINCTION 12/12/2022
COOM 109 Orbital Rendevous DISTINCTION 12/12/2022

IOSS - College of Space Equipment
EPS 101 - Escape Pod Users Guide HONORS 12/10/2022
EPS 102 - Planetary Survival DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
EPS 103 - Escape Pod Identification DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
EPS 201.1 - Escape Pod Tech I DISTINCTION 12/10/2022 EPS 201.2 - Escape Pod Tech II HONORS 12/10/2022
EPS 201.3 - Escape Pod Tech III DISTINCTION 12/10/2022 SSE 101 - Overview DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
SSE 102 - EVA Suits DISTINCTION 12/12/2022
SSE 103 - Space Suit Requirements DISTINCTION 12/12/2022 SSE 104 - Space suit Design HONORS 12/12/2022
SSE 105 - Space Suit identification PASS 12/12/2022

IOTK - College of Laser Technology
COLT 101 - Lasers part 1 DISTINCTION 12/12/2022
COLT 102 - Lasers part 2 HONORS 12/12/2022

IOTK - College of Plasma Technology
CPT 101 - States of Matter DISTINCTION 12/12/2022
CPT 102 - States of Plasma DISTINCTION 12/12/2022

IPSS - College of Survival Studies (IOPFR:COSS)
ASV 100A - Attitude for Survival DISTINCTION 12/01/2022 MSS 102 - Advanced Mapping DISTINCTION 12/01/2022 MSS 103 - Compasses & GPS HONORS 12/01/2022
ASV 100C - Survival Myths HONORS 12/01/2022
ASV 100B - Basics of Cold Weather Survival DISTINCTION 12/01/2022
MSS 104 - Map Usage DISTINCTION 12/05/2022
MSS 105 - Land Navigation DISTINCTION 12/05/2022
MSS 110 - Celestial Navigation DISTINCTION 12/05/2022

Leadership Development (LD)
LD-101 Introduction to Leadership HONORS 12/10/2022
LD-102 Leadership Defined DISTINCTION 12/11/2022
LD-103 Types & Styles of Leadership HONORS 12/11/2022 LD-104 Character Presence & Intelligence HONORS 12/11/2022
LD-105 Performance Indicators HONORS 12/11/2022
LD-200 Advanced Leadership Studies HONORS 12/16/2022 LD-211 Leadership in Action HONORS 12/24/2022

Officer Development (OD)
OD-100 PASS 12/12/2022
OD102 - Basic Officer Development 2 HONORS 12/24/2022 OD104 - Operational Abbreviations HONORS 12/24/2022 OD106 - Staff Abbreviations PASS 12/25/2022
OD-201 HONORS 12/26/2022 OD-151 HONORS 12/26/2022
OD-161 HONORS 12/26/2022
OD-171 HONORS 12/26/2022
OD181 - Intermediate Officer HONORS 12/26/2022

Jonathan Nelson
IOAE - College of Superheroes
BMN 101 - Batman (1989) DISTINCTION 12/01/2022
BMN 102 - Batman Returns (1992) HONORS 12/01/2022 BMN 103 - Batman Forever (1995) DISTINCTION 12/07/2022
BMN 104 - Batman & Robin (1997) PASS 12/07/2022

IOAS - College of Borg Technology (IOAS:COBT)
COBT 101 - General Knowledge of Borg HONORS 12/01/2022
COBT 102 - General Knowledge of Borg 2 PASS 12/01/2022 COBT 103 - Designations Part 1 PASS 12/01/2022

IOIE - College of Bond, James Bond (CBJB)
BJB 101 - Dr. No DISTINCTION 12/01/2022

OTS PASS 12/01/2022
OCC HONORS 12/04/2022

IOMA - College of Medical Studies
CMED 117a - Psychiatry and Psychology part 1 DISTINCTION 12/06/2022

IOMA - School of Abnormal Psychology
ABN 101 Abnormal Psychology Defined HONORS 12/01/2022 ABN 100 History of Abnormal Psychology PASS 12/01/2022

IOMOS - CSOR - College of SpecOps Resources
COMM 101 - Introduction DISTINCTION 12/03/2022

IOSTS - College of Starship Operations (IOMS:COSO)
CSO-107 - Bridge Operations DISTINCTION 12/01/2022

Andy Clifton
Combat Engineer (CE)
CE-152 DISTINCTION 12/03/2022
CE-201 PASS 12/10/2022
CE-212 DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
CE-220 DISTINCTION 12/16/2022

IOAS - College of Borg Technology (IOAS:COBT)
COBT 101 - General Knowledge of Borg DISTINCTION

12/10/2022 IOLS - College of Chapter Development (IOLS:COCD)
COCD-101 - Recruiting & Retention 101 DISTINCTION 12/16/2022
COCD-102 - Understanding Technology & Social Media HONORS 12/17/2022
COCD-103 - Introduction to Virtual Events PASS 12/17/2022

IOLS - STARFLEET Data Protection Policy SFDPP 101 - SFDPP Pt 1 DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
SFDPP 102 - SFDPP Pt 2 HONORS 12/16/2022

IOMA - College of Emergency Medical Services
IOMA CEMS 101a - Emergency Medicine Overview part 1 HONORS 12/31/2022
IOMA CEMS 101b - Emergency Medical Overview part 2 DISTINCTION 12/31/2022
IOMA CEMS 101c - Emergency Medical Overview part 3 DISTINCTION 12/31/2022
IOMA CEMS 101d - Emergency Medical Overview part 4 DISTINCTION 12/31/2022
IOMA CEMS 102a - Basic First Aid Part 1 DISTINCTION 12/31/2022
IOMA CEMS 102b - Basic First Aid Part 2 DISTINCTION 12/31/2022
IOMA CEMS 102c - Basic First Aid part 3 HONORS 12/31/2022
IOMA CSMP- College of Medical Personnel
CSMP 103a Crusher part 1 HONORS 12/07/2022
CSMP 103b Crusher part 2 HONORS 12/07/2022

IOMOS - CSOR - College of SpecOps Resources
EQPT 102 - Rations HONORS 12/09/2022
EQPT 103 - Body Armor DISTINCTION 12/10/2022
EQPT 104 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) DISTINCTION 12/14/2022
EQPT 105 - Special Operations Aircraft DISTINCTION 12/14/2022
EQPT 106 - Optics & Sensors HONORS 12/15/2022
EQPT 107 - Ground Transportation DISTINCTION 12/15/2022 EQPT 108 - SEAL Delivery Vehicles (SDVs) DISTINCTION 12/17/2022
EQPT 109a - Animals in a Disaster, Part 1 HONORS 12/21/2022
EQPT 109b - Animals in a Disaster, Part 2 DISTINCTION 12/21/2022

IOMOS - CSOT - College of SpecOps Training
CAMO 101 - Detection DISTINCTION 12/02/2022

IOMOS - CSOU - College of SpecOps Units
RANG 101 - History & Tradition DISTINCTION 12/24/2022

IOSC - College of Ecology
ECOL 101 History of Ecology Part 1 DISTINCTION 12/24/2022
ECOL 102 History of Ecology Part 2 DISTINCTION 12/24/2022
ECOL 103 History of Ecology Part 3 DISTINCTION 12/24/2022

IOSS - College of Spaceflight
APPO 101 - Apollo 1 HONORS 12/16/2022
APPO 102 - Apollo 2 DISTINCTION 12/28/2022

IOSTS - College of Star Trek Rank & Insignia
IOSTS:CORI-101 ENT Rank Recognition DISTINCTION 12/09/2022
IOSTS:CORI-102 TOS Rank Recognition DISTINCTION 12/09/2022
IOSTS:CORI-103 TNG Early Rank Recognition DISTINCTION 12/09/2022

IOSTS - College of Starship Operations (IOMS:COSO)
CSO-101 - Flight Operations DISTINCTION 12/24/2022

IOTK - College of Laser Technology
COLT 101 - Lasers part 1 HONORS 12/23/2022

IPSS - College of Survival Studies (IOPFR:COSS)
PTS 102A - Fire Safety Studies 1 DISTINCTION 12/05/2022 PTS 102B - Fire Safety Studies 2 DISTINCTION 12/05/2022 PTS 103 - Emergency Sanitation HONORS 12/25/2022

Professional Development (PD)
PD-201 HONORS 12/02/2022
PD-150 HONORS 12/13/2022

Support (SU)
SU-100 - Support Basic Course DISTINCTION 12/02/2022 SU-110 - Basic MOS Familiarization Course DISTINCTION 12/09/2022

Unit Officers School (UOS)
UOS-100 PASS 12/10/2022
UOS-200 PASS 12/25/2022
SCC: 84982 Jonathan Nelson PROMOTED TO Lieutenant JG on 12/12/2022

SCC: 85294 Andy Clifton PROMOTED TO Marine Captain on 12/12/2022
12/1/2022 added another partner for our charity work. A local BBQ restaurant who will be helping not only for our 2023 Toys for Tots but also will be providing us with two full meals to give to our two families that we adopted this year.

Another Member is starting to take Academy classes. Total of three members doing academy.

We were challenged by the R1 ship USS Aequitas to a friendly challenge since we are the only two Crossfield ships. Starting on December 5 at midnight EST and running till Jan 1 midnight EST. 3 members of each crew will take academy classes. top one wins bragging rights between the two ships. The final count will be listed below!

We donated gifts and food supplies to one local family through a church one of our members is the pastor of. This included the Christmas dinner which was supplied by a local BBQ restaurant that I am friends with the owner.

Our Christmas family we supported this year were truly touched by the gifts received. Listed below is the Away
Mission Report.

*Start Report*
I, Lt. Jg. Jonathan Nelson, who attended the event of delivering Christmas presents to a local family, do hereby submit this following as my away mission report, I understand that such reports will be listed as part of the ships mission reports.

I met with Fleet Captain Francen and Commander Richard this morning to receive the gifts and food that were purchased by the crew for a local family in need. After loading the gifts, I contacted the family and let them know that I needed to meet with them and that I had some gifts to give them.

When I got the church that I pastor, I unloaded the delivery and laid it out on a table for when the family would arrive.

When the mother arrived, I informed her that she and her daughter had been chosen by the crew of USS Mountaineer to receive Christmas breakfast, dinner, and some presents. She informed that her daughter was only going to receive a couple of gifts because money was so tight. In her words, "This is a Christmas miracle. I am so grateful to this group for caring about me and my daughter and helping make sure that my daughter has a Christmas this year."
After I helped her load everything into her car, she wanted to make sure that I let the crew know how thankful she is and to "Live long and prosper"!

*End Report*
This family was a single mom and her daughter. The mom had been attacked by a dog earlier in the year and had been off from work for a while, then only doing short term while she healed.

Helping those in need is one of the key callings of STARFLEET and certainly the way that Gene had wanted to develop our world into.

We were not able to do a great deal in the way of donating toys for the Toys for Tots drive this year. This will be on one of our major drives in 2023, with the Toys for Tots Challenge, Something we would love to extend throughout ALL of FLEET!

Final count of the Crossfield Class Academy challenge from December 5th at midnight till Jan 1 at Midnight. There were a total of three people taking classes, our total for this time was:137 academy classes taken. For the whole month of December the Total classes taken was 169
A member who signed up in August has yet to get his SCC number. None of renewed or new members are getting confirmation and information about their account. So far none of our Renews or new members have gotten ANY emails or notices that their accounts are active.

Trying to get class records for one of our Fleet Captains on the ship, it does not show that they took OTC/OCC and other medical things as he is the CMO, there was a mix up where another SCC was created with the rank captain years ago. His former CO and RC in Region 7 is also trying to get this figured out as well and I am helping from this direction. Finally done!

Disagree with the R1 policy regarding the unassigned membership list. It does little good to say only the R1 staff can contact a member on the unassigned list. Before we knew this we had reached out to a person, and they have joined out ship. To restrict this to only R1 Staff having the authority to do this, is a serious lack of communication between membership for a ship. The easy fix is if they do not want contact then they put "Do not contact" in the Suffix area instead of SR, JR I II. Or assign them to a derelict ship. I know that other regions do not have such an totally backward rule. There are people in Region one unsigned that are not even in the Region 1 area. So, they should get moved to the unassigned in the region they should be in.

There seems to be a great deal of back-room dealings going on here in Region 1. There is a very distinct clique. and really evidence that you cannot have an opinion or like/dislike about things without someone wanting to take you out of the group. Rights to Free speech seem
to be secondary.

Still not on the R1 website. We were launched 2022-10-04 and now its 2022-12-04 and still not on the R1 website. 3 months. Even if minimal details were to be listed. Took as long to get onto the R1 CO/XO Facebook and listserv. Finally, 12/5 added to the website. This should not be on just one person to do.

When we tried to get people interested in the November CO/XO meeting for a region wide 2023 Toys for Tots challenge. You could hear crickets chirping.

We are ready for our final Commissioning. We have our 11 crew, we have our manual, we have our newsletters, we have our flyers, we have our website, we have our command staff, we have started a SFMC group, and the XO is doing the SFSO, we have added Pet Fleet, our XO has already gained awards both from the Academy and SFI We are for all purposes READY! From being launched in Early October 2023, to being fully operational and ready for commissioning by January 2023. In only 4 months we have reached and exceed every milestone and goal. We are ready, now just must wait till the end of April. Can we do it now?? The VRR Request has been sent as of 12/20/2022 to our support ship. I see no reason this should not be pushed through we are operating already has a fully commissioned ship.

XO took Institute of Space Studies (IOSS)College of Space Equipment School of Escape Pods EPS 101 - Escape Pod Users Guide had a score of 19/20 but cert printed out was only Pass, emailed director on 12/10 and he said he would look at it. But Still have not heard anything back emailed again on 12/13 still no answer from Dean Rogers.

XO submitted request for Callsign under SFMC AE classes 12/13, has not received any confirmation that this is completed. Message was acknowledged on 12/13. But no response as to being active.

Could the above be because the SFMC Request activation is still not fully processed at Forcecom level?

XO took Institute of Space Studies (IOSS)College of Space Equipment/School of Space Suits and Equipment/SSE 101 Space Suits Overview on December 10th, along with other SSE classes, everything is in the DB except SSE 101, emailed director on December 19 through Moodle. no answer yet on getting that added.

Per discussion during R1 End of the year meeting from incoming CS, due to the new database transfer coming, made sure all our members had their own email address. only one who is a 4-year-old family member needed to do updated from his dad's email to another email address for his dad.

We have started purchasing our toys already for the 2023 Toys for Tots drive.

Still no contact from the USS Yeager NCC 61893 which is in WV with us in Region 1. RC says they are sending MSR's. Thinking about sending a letter to them USPS to the address listed in the DB through the Region VR.


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