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Monthly Status Reports (MSR)
For November 2023
Fleet Members:
44442 FCAPT David Singleton 08/31/2024
53869 FCAPT Mary Francen 08/27/2024
62955 CMDR Stephen Richard 08/20/2024
84987 ENS Shyann Converse 08/31/2024
85012 CRMN Shanta Ramlakhan 09/05/2024
85177 CRMN Michael Barber 10/24/2024
85178 CRMN Kara Barber 10/24/2024
85179 CDT George Barber 10/24/2024
85742 CRMN Annie Bakaleinikoff 03/20/2024
85142  Jesse Hagaman 10/07/2024
51212  LCDR Tommy Matty 05/28/2024




Quiet month, planning two Christmas parades, one for the City of Charleston, WV. Second will be our direct local community we will have our vehicle decorated with Christmas Fleet.


We had another member expire, this one does not have Facebook, and has not responded to emails, sending a USPS letter. Our other member is a minister and has had some medical issues of late so he just may have been too busy to keep up with it,

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