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Monthly Status Reports (MSR)
For October 2022
Fleet Members:
44442 FCAPT David Singleton 08/31/2023
53869 FCAPT Mary Francen 08/27/2023
62955 CMDR Stephen Richard 08/20/2023
84971 CMDR Keith Richard 08/23/2023
84982 LTJG Jonathan Nelson 08/31/2023
84987 ENS Shyann Converse 08/31/2023
85012 CRMN Shanta Ramlakhan 09/05/2023
85177 CRMN Michael Barber 10/24/2023
85178 CRMN Kara Barber 10/24/2023
85179 CDT George Barber 10/24/2023
Stephen Richard IOAE - College of Communications COM 101 - Interspecies Interaction HONORS 10/13/2022

IOAS - Cardassian Orientation College (IOAS:COC) COC 104 - The Obsidian Order PASS 10/24/2022

IOAS - College of Borg Technology (IOAS:COBT) COBT 101 - General Knowledge of Borg HONORS 10/21/2022
COBT 102 - General Knowledge of Borg 2 DISTINCTION 10/21/2022

IOIE - School of Intel Tech (SIT)
SIT 101 - Eyes in the Skies HONORS 10/18/2022
SIT 105 ID Technology HONORS 10/18/2022
SIT 107 Threat Levels HONORS 10/18/2022

IOLS - College of Chapter Development (IOLS:COCD)
COCD-102 - Understanding Technology & Social Media DISTINCTION 10/10/2022
COCD-101 - Recruiting & Retention 101 HONORS

10/10/2022 IOLS - Flag Officers School (IOLS-FOS) FOS 101 - Introduction to FOS HONORS 10/07/2022 FOS 201 - Chapter Dynamics HONORS 10/11/2022 FOS 202 - Region Dynamics HONORS 10/11/2022

IOMA - College of Psychology
DRM 101 Dream Interpretation Part 1 DISTINCTION 10/23/2022
COP FLBS 101- Flashbacks part 1 HONORS 10/23/2022
SCM 101 - Stress and Coping Mechanisms HONORS 10/23/2022

IOMA -CaS College of Cancer Studies CaS 104a - Leukemias and Lymphoma, Part 1 HONORS 10/23/2022 CaS 104b - Leukemias and Lymphoma, Part 2 HONORS 10/23/2022
CaS 104c - Leukemias and Lymphoma, Part 3 HONORS 10/23/2022
CaS 104d - Leukemias and Lymphoma, Part 4 DISTINCTION 10/23/2022

IOMOS - COAA - School of Arms
WPN 110S - Weapons Safety Pt 1 HONORS 10/13/2022
WPN 111S - Weapons Safety Pt 2 HONORS 10/14/2022
WPN 113S - Weapons Safety Pt 4 DISTINCTION 10/14/2022
WPN 112S - Weapons Safety Pt 3 HONORS 10/14/2022

IOMOS - CSOR - College of SpecOps Resources COMM 101 - Introduction DISTINCTION 10/23/2022

EQPT 104 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) DISTINCTION

10/23/2022 IOMOS - CSOS - College of SpecOps Specialties

OPS 101 - Operations & Techniques HONORS 10/25/2022

IOMOS - CSOU - College of SpecOps Units
RANG 101 - History & Tradition HONORS 10/23/2022

IOMOS - CSTG-College of Strategy and Tactics (IOMOS:COST)
COST 101 - Strategy and Tactics: The Basics DISTINCTION 10/14/2022
COST 102 - Strategy and Tactics: Advanced Concepts DISTINCTION 10/17/2022

IOSC - College of Evidence
SEA 102 - Ballistics DISTINCTION 10/21/2022

IOSC - College of Physics (IOSC:CPHYS)
CP 201 Newton's Laws Part 1 PASS 10/21/2022

IOSFE - College of Babylon 5 (COB5)
B5 101a - Babylon 5 Station Pt 1 PASS 10/31/2022

IOSS - College of Spaceflight
APPO 102 - Apollo 2 HONORS 10/12/2022
APPO 104 - Apollo 4 HONORS 10/12/2022

IOSTS - College of Security in Trek IOMS
CST 001 General Security DISTINCTION 10/19/2022 IOMS
CST 002 Section 31 DISTINCTION 10/19/2022 IOMS
CST 003 Federation Security DISTINCTION 10/19/2022

IOSTS - College of Starship Design (COSD) COSD 122 - NCC-1701 Constitution Class Schematics DISTINCTION 10/13/2022
COSD 121 - NX-01 Schematics DISTINCTION 10/13/2022
COSD 128 - NCC-74656 Voyager Schematics DISTINCTION 10/28/2022

IOSTS - College of Starship Operations (IOMS:COSO) CSO-106 - Extreme Measures HONORS 10/10/2022 CSO-107 - Bridge Operations DISTINCTION 10/10/2022
CSO-105 - Communications Operations PASS 10/11/2022
CSO-101 - Flight Operations HONORS 10/13/2022 CSO-104 - Guidance and Navigation Operations PASS 10/13/2022
CSO-103 - Rescue and Evacuation Operations HONORS 10/14/2022
CSO-102 - Medical Operations DISTINCTION 10/23/2022

IOTK - College of Engineering
CENG 104 - Modern Principles & Terms PASS 10/12/2022
CENG 105 - Starfleet Engineers PASS 10/12/2022 CENG 211 - Miles OBrien DISTINCTION 10/12/2022
CENG 212 - B Elanna Torres DISTINCTION 10/12/2022

IOTK - STARFLEET Officers Radio School (IOST:SORS)

SORS 101 - Radio in TOS HONORS 10/11/2022 SORS 102 - Radio in TAS HONORS 10/11/2022 SORS 103 - Radio in TNG HONORS 10/11/2022 SORS 104 - Radio in DS9 HONORS 10/11/2022 SORS 105 - Radio in VOY PASS 10/11/2022

IPSS - College of Law Enforcement and Fire History SLEH 103 1900 to present HONORS 10/21/2022 SLEH 109 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms HONORS 10/21/2022

10/21/2022 SFA Awards BOCP - Executive Officer Certification Awarded 10/19/2022
BOCP - Chief Engineering Officer Certification Awarded 10/19/2022
BOCP - Chief Weapons Officer Certification Awarded 10/23/2022
BOCP - Commanding Officer Certification Awarded 10/28/2022
BOCP - Second Officer Certification Awarded 10/28/2022
BOCP - Chief Tactical Officer Certification Awarded 10/28/2022
SCC: 62955 Stephen Richard PROMOTED TO Commander on 10/04/2022

SCC: 84971 Keith Richard PROMOTED TO Commander on 10/04/2022

SCC: 84982 Jonathan Nelson PROMOTED TO Ensign on 10/04/2022

SCC: 84987 Shyann Converse PROMOTED TO Ensign on 10/04/2022

SCC: 85012 Shanta Ramlakhan PROMOTED TO Crewman on 10/04/2022

SCC: 85142 Jesse Hagerman PROMOTED TO Crewman on 10/11/2022

SCC: 85179 George Barber PROMOTED TO Cadet on 10/25/2022
Emailed three Region 1 Unassigned members showing in WV to invite them to join our ship on 10/5/2022, also sent USPS letter to them on 10/10/2022

Printed business cards to hand out and place on bulletin boards.

Started purchasing items for our recruiting tables that we are planning on having at as much events as we can.

Our Hospitality crew attended a Chili cook-off and passed out flyers and business cards on 10-8-2022

Looking at getting table at a showing for ST2 that will feature W. Shatner to have some recruiting. This will be in February 2023 in Charleston, WV

Looking into planning some trips/events with a Region 7 ship called Stella Pirata that has contacted us to get together.

The XO has been taking courses to get BOCP certs for various departments

Complete BOCP
BOCP for CO awarded- 10/28/2022
BOCP for XO awarded- 10/19/2022
BOCP for SO awarded- 10/28/2022
BOCP for Eng awarded- 10/19/2022
BOCP for CWO awarded- 10/23/2022
BOCP for CTO awarded- 10/28/2022

Classes completed & submitted Pending approval
BOCP for CCO 10/28/2022
BOCP for COUN 10/28/2022
BOCP for CMO 10/31/2022

Classes In progress

BCCP for COO grades/DB
BOCP for CSCO grades/DB
BOCP for CSEO grades/DB
BOCP for FCO grades/DB

We had a family of 3 join from our direct area. We have our first Cadet, He is 4.

Messaged Stella Pirata CO about someone who was showing unassigned in the Region 1 list that would have been in their area.

Adding QR codes to our flyers/business cards for our website and the SFI website.

Charity work this year 2022 will be as follows,
1. A single family child in one local church for Christmas
2. A single child in another church for Christmas
3. 2 fall wreaths made for senior citizens raffle to support senior projects.
4. Adopt a senior citizen for Christmas-All Year long
5. Toys for Tots
6. Supporting a free clothes closet for those in need
7. Donated to a local 7/11 store who was supporting a local family.
8. Senior citizen pet support fund- All year
9. Starting to save pennies to be used to fund Easter for a family in need in 2023

Waiting for QM to get SFI Flag in stock to purchase.

CO/XO Attended R1 CO/XO meeting 10/23/2022 on zoom

CO/XO attended Pathfinder Social chat on zoom 10/18/2022 10/31/2022

Starting to post business cards and flyers at locations.

10/18/2022 CO/XO had a working lunch out at a local restaurant to discuss our charity support plans for this year. Dropped off some business cards there as well. Had one favorable response from a waitress who liked StarTrek and a Greeter who liked StarWars. Hoping they will join. (it was her family who joined with the 2 adults and one child)

XO joined the R1 manual revision team.

Sent info for R1 website chapter info to R1 SVRC.

Manual updates being done to add some awards and other changes to add better details to the crew manual.

Writing out our by-laws for use to get registered with WV State to start 501C7 Status.

Added business card to the link for download from the website.

Was able to get a table for recruiting at a convention called DualCon which is coming to Charleston. It will be like two cons in one, one for board and table top games, the other for video games, consoles, online. We were asked to have someone on a round table for sci fi clubs. This will be Feb 11

Challenged our crew to next year have a friendly competition against a R1 ship for Toys for Tots. Waiting responses.

Obtaining final quote for our ship patch for our polo shirts.
Received Email from R1 RC regarding our first MSR. Wanted to chat on the phone with us. Email sent 10/6/2022 3:34 PM Tried to call him back 30 minutes later and left VM as of right now 10/18/2022 no follow email 4or call back from R1 RC. sent follow up email on 10/18/2022 to RC

Put in ticket to get family member added to one of the crew accounts on 9/30/2022 VD8-TE2-ZEM2 Received reply 10/4/2022 directing us to pay the extra $4 through PayPal and include the information needed to be added. Did this though the XO's PayPal on 10/5/2022, user not added yet, replied to ticket 10/7/2022 no reply back. XO sent ticket in 10/10/2022 J8A-966-ZEQX regarding this issue not being resolved. Ticket status set high priority. No response for 24 hours. There is no reason why this should take this long to get this resolved. Member finally added 10/11/2022.This process is very broken!

R1 SVRC Commodore Kevin Plummer is working with us on 501c(7) and has volunteered to come down to a event in February if we have a recruiting table to assist and support our ship.

The delay in getting classes in the academy posted in the DB should not really exist. As soon as the grade is entered into the academy it should automatically go into the DB

10/19/22 R1 RC was to send agenda for the 10/23/22 CO/XO meeting out never received it at CO/XO email.

R1 needs to have the CO/XO meeting set monthly instead of a pop up meeting. This will allow for better scheduling of events.

CO & XO Need added to the R1 CO/XO email list.

CO/XO need added to Any SFI list they should be on.

With the new local 3 members who joined we are at 11 members, we have officially reached our number needed for final commissioning. Current date for final completion of the shakedown is May 2023.

CO/XO feel like they are being ignored by the R1 RC since he has not made any other gesture to get to know us. R1 SVRC has been great in offering advise and support.

R1 USS Columbus and R7 USS Stella Pirata have both expressed interest in helping us with recruiting tables and offering support when needed.

For academy classes is it better to send via email to the director or use the Academy mail system to send answers sheets for classes not in the QAM format?

The following class was awarded to the XO SCC 62955 but he never took the class. sent email to the director MEDK 104 - School of Medical Knowledge PT 4 DISTINCTION 10/23/2022

R1 Sector Commanders should be required to be within the sector they are in command of. This means they have a vested interest in the sector. They also have a better understanding of the Sector needs and issues they will face.

R1 Delta Sector Commander, CMDR Wyatt Evans, was emailed by the XO on 9/27/2022 no email response, he has since joined our FB group but has not replied or sent any messages to the CO/XO other than replying to the welcome message.

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