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Monthly Status Reports (MSR)
For October 2023
Fleet Members:
44442 FCAPT David Singleton 08/31/2024
53869 FCAPT Mary Francen 08/27/2024
62955 CMDR Stephen Richard 08/20/2024
84987 ENS Shyann Converse 08/31/2024
85012 CRMN Shanta Ramlakhan 09/05/2024
85177 CRMN Michael Barber 10/24/2024
85178 CRMN Kara Barber 10/24/2024
85179 CDT George Barber 10/24/2024
85294 MCPT Andy Clifton 11/14/202
85742 CRMN Annie Bakaleinikoff 03/20/2024
85142  Jesse Hagaman 10/07/2024
51212  LCDR Tommy Matty 05/28/2024

  Stephen Richard  :

    IOIE -  College of Intel in Movies (CIM)
      CIM-118 - Patriot Games    10/02/2023    PASS
      CIM-122 - Midway    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-127 - Broken Arrow    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-130 - Under Siege    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-136 - Air Force One    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-137 - Under Seige 2    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-144 - Space Cowboys    10/03/2023    HONORS
      CIM-145 - Spy Game    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-149 - Executive Decision    10/03/2023    HONORS
      CIM-159 - Red    10/03/2023    PASS
      CIM-160 - Red 2    10/03/2023    PASS



Fleet Captain David Singleton USS Mountaineer CMO took it upon himself to contact a location in which our ship and others within Region 1, and Region 7 ships were going to be going to have an event, Fleet Captain Singleton reserved the date and time for this event and secured full group access and a tour guide strictly for the group involved.

Oct 14, Members of the USS Mountaineer, CMO Fleet Captain David Singleton, Ens. Shyann Converse attended an event combining multiple ships across Region 1 and Region 7 for a ghost-hunting event. Commander Stephen Richard hosted a Zoom call as part of the 1st BDE 8th BN OIC, along with the 1st BDE OIC, in which others could participate who were not at the local event. The RC from R7 Adm Bob Vosseller was also present via Zoom at Various times. The ships involved at the primary site were: R1 USS Mountaineer, R7 Stella Pirata, Katherine Johnson, and Banneker.  Other groups participated via Zoom. The group also visited a free war museum to which they donated money to help support. There were a total of twenty-five people and several ships from three different regions involved including SFMC 1st BDE Zoom event. All told it looks like thirty-three people attended between live and Zoom.


Working on getting a count of ones we can commit to being in the Charleston, WV Christmas parade so we can have our club car and others walking. On Dec 7th.

Dec 9th Local community parade we will have our car in to support the direct local community our CO/XO/CMO l

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