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Monthly Status Reports (MSR)
For September 2023
Fleet Members:
44442 FCAPT David Singleton 08/31/2024
53869 FCAPT Mary Francen 08/27/2024
62955 CMDR Stephen Richard 08/20/2024
84987 ENS Shyann Converse 08/31/2024
85012 CRMN Shanta Ramlakhan 09/05/2024
85177 CRMN Michael Barber 10/24/2023
85178 CRMN Kara Barber 10/24/2023
85179 CDT George Barber 10/24/2023
85294 MCPT Andy Clifton 11/14/2023
85742 CRMN Annie Bakaleinikoff 03/20/2024
51212  LCDR Tommy Matty 05/28/2024

  Stephen Richard  :

    IOSS - College of Rocketry and Propulsion
      SOPr 109c  Propulsion in Fiction part 3    09/04/2023    DISTINCTION
      SOPr 109d  Propulsion in Fiction part 4    09/04/2023    DISTINCTION

    IOTK - College of Engineering
      CENG 101 - Early Principles and Terms    09/13/2023    HONORS
      CENG 201 - Early Principles & Terms, Part 2    09/13/2023    DISTINCTION
      CENG 202 - The SI Unit System    09/13/2023    HONORS
      CENG 204 - Modern Principles & Terms - Part 2    09/13/2023    PASS
      CENG 207 - Tools of the Engineers    09/16/2023    HONORS
      CENG 205 - Ship Recognition    09/21/2023    PASS

    SFA Awards
      Boothby 0400 - Zirconium (400)    09/30/2023    Awarded
      Boothby 0450 - Platinum (450)    09/30/2023    Awarded
      Boothby 0500 - Trilithium (500)    09/30/2023    Awarded
      Boothby 0550 - Amber (550)    09/30/2023    Awarded 



Working with the 1st BDE OIC in plans for dual regional event with Region 7. Some ships from Region 7 are coming down to WV for a ghost hunt at a local place in WV. We are coordinating with the ships and the SFMC 1st BDE units to create a full Region 1 event. In which others can report via Zoom as they go to their own local areas. and have reporting from the main site. To date this involves I believe five ships between both regions and over sixty people going to the main site, this will happen on October 14th. A full report is being planned with pictures for the CQ.

Signed up for a direct local community Christmas Parade in which we will have our command vehicle decorated up and will be part of the parade.

8/30/2023 SFMC report sent
8/30/2023 SFSO report sent 


The USS Mountaineer STRONGLY opposes the membership price increase. First, in the proposal you do not give any breakdown of what we get in return. You do not ship out membership packets anymore. CQ is online, you spend more time being POLITICAL than in a fan club.

They must use their own ink to print a membership cert and card, the same with CQ. 

If said increase is put into effect, we may be taking our ship out of SFI altogether. We cannot in good faith sell the membership price when the members get nothing directly for it.

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