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Picture of Angel the Cat
Angel is a Himalayan/Ragdoll mix, he
started out as one of the three stray cats that our next door neighbor seemed to have living outside.

Angel is actually a name given to his mom but at the time we didn’t realize that this cat was not the same one we named Angel it was her son.

Angel was named by Daphene Richard
who watched the cat sit on her porch and would watch her inside, when she went out to the porch it sit outside the cat who was a feral cat by all means of the word would come and sit beside mom.

She gave the cat the name Angel because it watched out for her and was around her and she felt the cat was perhaps her daughter who had passed away years before.

Sadly we are not able to take in his mom as well because of already having the other three cats.

Angel mama, she still waits on the porch for Daphene to come back, sadly she has been gone since 2020.

Angel is not a very vocal cat which is
normal for the breed but he does have his voice when he wants to.He loves to cuddle and play with his other brother and sister running around the house or making toys out of paper or whatever else he can find to play with.

A big fur baby!

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