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STARFLEET Marine Corps

Welcome to the Home of the
130th MSG "Montani Semper", 8th BN 1st BDE SFMC

Welcome, recruits, to the 130th Marine Strike Group - an elite infantry unit within the celebrated STARFET Marine Corps. You have been chosen to join our ranks, and we congratulate you on making it this far.

Leave behind your former life, for you are about to embark on a journey unlike any other - one filled with endless possibilities and opportunities.

As proud members of the esteemed First Brigade, part of the renowned First Fleet, know that we were here first - true pioneers in every sense of the word.

Amongst the 8th Battalion, ours is the only unit worthy of your presence. It is a great honor bestowed upon you, and one that you will carry bravely as you uphold our unmatched legacy. Get ready to become a ground pounder like no other - fearless, determined, and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

The Infantry Creed

I am the Infantry--Queen of Battle! For six centuries I have kept our Nation safe, purchasing freedom with my blood. To tyrants, I am the day of reckoning; to the suppressed, the hope for the future. Where the fighting is thick, there am I...

I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME! I was there from the beginning, meeting the enemy face to face, will to will. I have seen nations born, divided, and reunited. I have toppled dictators and defended the weak. I have protected brave colonists from the plains to the stars. I have patrolled jungles, beaches, paddies, deserts, and skies in the bitter test that belongs to the Infantry. I have answered humanity’s call, I have proclaimed freedom, I have protected the innocent.

I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME!

Throughout the Federation, I stand... ever forward. Duty called, I answered. My bayonet... on the wings of power... keeps the peace. And despots, falsely garbed in freedom’s mantle, falter... hide. My ally in the paddies and the forest... I teach, I aid, I lead.

I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME!

Where brave men fight... there fight I. In freedom’s cause... I live, I die. From Concord Bridge to Heartbreak Ridge, from Sectis to Setlik... the Queen of Battle! Always ready... then, now, and forever.

I am the Infantry! FOLLOW ME!

As proud members of the 130th division, we bear the esteemed name Montani Semper - a phrase that echoes our undying loyalty to our home and the mountains that surround us. Our feet are firmly planted in our values, ready to defend and protect our land. Our motto, "Down to Earth, For Hearth and Home," embodies the unbreakable bond we share as Mountaineers.

Our home is no ordinary place - it is the magnificent USS Mountaineer NCC-325306, a shining symbol of our unity and resilience.

Leading us with unwavering expertise is Commander Stephen Richard, our Second-in-Command on board the Mountaineer. By his side stands Lieutenant Giles Eaton, the highly respected head of Security for our ship, ensuring our safety at all times.

Now, let us delve into the true essence of being an Infantry member, as revealed within the pages of this book. Discover what it truly means to be part of this elite brotherhood, to push boundaries and conquer challenges, leaving a lasting impact on the world.

Join us on this unforgettable expedition and unlock the dormant potential within you. The adventure awaits, soldier. Embrace the challenge ahead and become a true Mountaineer in every sense of the word.


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