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Welcome to the Home of the
130th MSG "Montani Semper", 8th BN 1st BDE SFMC
Welcome to the 130TH Marine Strike Group, in the 8th Battalion of the 1st Brigade of the STARFLEET Marine Corps (SFMC) We are a Combat Engineering Unit Assigned to the USS Mountaineer NCC-325306

 If you are here, it is because you eat, sleep, breath & will die as a Combat Engineer.

Life as you have known it is GONE! You are now in a new world.

We are the First Brigade, of the First Fleet, WE WERE HERE BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!

Currently soldier you are standing in the only unit in the 8th battalion, You should feel honored to be here, and rest assured solider we are going to live up to that reputation!

The motto of the Combat Engineer Division is Simple “Forging the Future”, it is our mission and duty to build it, move it, destroy it so that the future may go forward.

As a member of this unit you live by the code of “CAN DO” This for you soldier means there is only one answer when asked if we can do something and that is “CAN DO SIR!”

The 130th name is Montani Semper this means solider that we are "Always a Mountaineer" Our motto and Slogan go together “Down to Earth, For Hearth and Home”

And that home is the aboard the USS Mountaineer NCC-325306.

Your Officer in charge is Commander Stephen Richard who is the XO of the Mountaineer.

Your Deputy Officer in Charge is Marine Captain Andy Clifton who is the head of Security aboard the ship.

Now we will take a little trip into what it means to be a Combat Engineer as is defined by the Book. Then we will discuss what being a Combat Engineer is really.

Per the SFMC Combat Engineer manual

“Combat Engineers support the STARFLEET Marine Corps combat effort by providing specially trained and equipped personnel for the primary duties of construction (building fortifications, bridges, and installations) and demolition (breaching obstacles, reducing fortifications and clearing minefields). Secondary duties that support the combat effort are surveying (strategic and tactical analysis of terrain features and structures) and protected forces employment (firefighting, underwater and toxic atmosphere construction, nuclear/chemical/ biological operations). While STARFLEET has many engineers that are quite qualified to perform many similar functions, the Combat Engineers are expected to perform their duties under hazardous or combat conditions. It is one thing to build a bridge; it is another thing entirely to build that bridge while the enemy is shooting at you from the other side of the river.”

Doesn’t that sound so official? Now let us talk about what it is really like to be a Combat Engineer.

As a combat engineer you will be the first into the location, you will most likely face things that no one else has prepared you to face. You will not have a comfy place to sleep UNTIL YOU BUILD IT. You will not have a nice place to eat UNTIL YOU BUILD IT, you will not have a comfy place to relieve yourself UNTIL YOU BUILD IT. You may not even be able to breath without the help of aid UNTIL YOU BUILD IT.

Yes that is right, we build it, so others do not have to deal with the things we dealt with, you will not be sleeping at the Head Quarters, you will be making the base. By your hands you will determine the fate of those who come after you.

What you build now, will determine if others survive the night.
I am reminded of a quote a movie “The Navy Diver is not a fighting man, he is a salvage expert. If it is lost underwater, he finds it. If it's sunk, he brings it up. If it's in the way, he moves it. If he's lucky, he will die young, 200 feet beneath the waves, for that is the closest he'll ever get to being a hero.”

This sums up your life as an Combat Engineer, your gun is not your best tool for you to survive, your brain is! What you do with your brain, what you envision you will not be known as being the hero of the Federation, you will not be known for being the final wave to end a war.

What you will be known for however is giving those men and women who will be the hero the ability to their jobs. You will be a hero to none, but you will be the reason a person was alive to become a hero.
They will not remember your name, they will not thank you for you saving their lives, they will not even know you existed. But what you will know is this, you created it, you moved it, you removed it, you made it possible for them to be that hero.

You will eat the dirt, breath the toxic atmosphere, feel the inhospitable environment so they will not have to. This makes you a hero. This makes you a Combat Engineer.


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