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The History of
Montani Semper SFMC
Date Event
2023.02.25 Commander Stephen Richard is
assigned as the 8th BN OIC
2023.02.24 OIC attended Feb 1st BDE meeting
2023.02.18 Commander Stephen Richard
Submitted for final AE course request
2023.02.15 Commander Stephen Richard working
on now becoming Combat Engineer Officer qualified.
2023.02.15 Commander Stephen Richard passes
all classes to become MOS Combat Engineer Operations qualified
A job code used to denote a marine who serves on the operations and planning staff of an Combat Engineer Branch unit. Experienced in the methodology, techniques, and strategy of conducting engineering operations; this marine will be tasked with coordinating the activities of a unit, and neighboring and supporting units.
2023.02.01 Commander Stephen Richard
Assigned Aerospace Callsign
"Templar Knight"
2023.01.30 MSU unit report submitted for Dec-Jan
2022.12.25 Commander Stephen Richard becomes
fully Combat Engineering Qualified
2022.12.13 We are pround to announce that
2LT Andy Clifton has been promoted
to Marine Captain.
2022.12.02 Paperwork sent for Activation of unit
2022.12.02 We changed our name from Mountaineer to Montani Semper this translates in Latin to "Always a Mountaineer"
2022.12.01 Commander Stephen Richard become
Aerospace qualified waiting for final cert
2022.11.22 2LT Andy Clifton assigned DOIC
2022.11.22 CMDR Stephen Richard Assigned OIC
2022.11.22 Motto:  For Hearth and Home
2022.11.22 Slogan: Down to Earth
2022.11.22 Assignment Area: Region 1 Delta Sector
2022.11.22 Assigned to: USS Mountaineer NCC-325306
2022.11.22 Assigned Name: Mountaineers
2022.11.22 Assigned: 130th MSG Combat Engineering
2022.11.22  Only one to be deployed in the 8th *Oorah*
2022.11.22 Assigned: 8th BN 1st BDE
2022.11.22  We were Born *Oorah*