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Welcome to the Home of the
SOU 1863rd Montes Semper Spec Ops
Welcome to the 1863rd Spec Ops Unit (SOU), Montes semper, where danger lurks at every turn and freedom hangs in the balance.

Led by the fearless Senior Executive Level Operative Stephen Richard, our team of STARFLEET Special Operations Group members is stationed on the legendary USS Mountaineer NCC-325306. In the treacherous Region 1 Delta Sector, under the command of the Flt. Capt. Mary Francen, we operate as the silent protectors of liberty.

Within the ranks of the 1863rd, Group 2 of the STARFLEET Special Ops (SFSO), lies an unwavering belief in our heritage: "Born to be Free!" We stand as sentinels of this cherished ideal, shielded by a great responsibility to safeguard those who cherish freedom.

Operating covertly, we execute our mission with the utmost precision and mastery. Defined by the SFSO manual, our purpose is clear and formidable. We provide essential reconnaissance for future strikes, deliver advanced intelligence for military planning, empower indigenous populations by imparting essential defense skills, and act as specialized Hostage Rescue Teams.

But our role doesn't stop there. We are also the forces who reclaim captured ships and bases, infiltrate enemy positions to remove key leadership, silently decimate the enemy's ability to communicate and train deep-cover intelligence agents.

Being an Operative means that your job is to get in unnoticed, complete the mission undetected, and vanish without a trace. Failure is not an option, for the consequences are dire. Lives hang in the balance, and the price of failure is one we cannot afford to pay.

Silent but deadly, we possess unrivaled skills honed through rigorous training. Our craft is the stuff of nightmares, instilling doubt and fear in the hearts of our enemies. We are the vanguard of a silent sword, capable of being seen, heard, and known, yet simultaneously slipping through the shadows undetected. Underestimate us at your own peril, for when the time comes, we shall strike with unparalleled precision.

Our duty lies in the unseen, the unacknowledged, and the uncelebrated. We are masters of discretion, fueled by a calling that transcends recognition. Bound together by mutual responsibility, our unit operates as a seamlessly synchronized force, each member dedicating their life to the success of the mission.

Embark on this journey with us, and unlock the secrets of our trade. Become a part of Montes semper and embrace the path of silent heroism. Your training begins now.


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