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Welcome to the Home of the
SOU 1863rd Montes Semper Spec Ops
Wecleome to the 1863rd SOU, Montes semper which means Mountainmen Always.

We are a member of the STARFLEET Special Operations Group, and are assigned to the USS Mountaineer NCC-325306 in Region 1 Delta Sector under the command of Flt. Capt. Mary Francen as a Special Ops Unit (SOU).

I am Senior Executive Level Operative Stephen Richard the team leader, our assistant team leader is Recruit Level Operative Andy Clifton.

The 1863rd is in Group 2 of the STARFLEET Special Ops (SFSO) the group leader is Wayne Cassity. Our motto sums up our full belief in our heritage “Born to be Free!”

We are protectors of that freedom and as such bear a great responsibility to it and those who enjoy this freedom.
It is through our work at we provide this protection, we are the silent service.

Our mission is defined by the SFSO manual as being.
• To provide reconnaissance for future ground and aerial strikes.
• To provide advanced intelligence for military planning.
• To assist indigenous people with training to defend themselves and act as a force multiplier.
• To act as specialized Hostage Rescue Teams.
• To act as forces to take back captured ships and bases.
• To infiltrate enemy positions and remove key leadership forces.
• To demolish covertly, the enemy’s ability to communicate among its forces.
• To provide training for deep cover intelligence agents

Our mission is simple, we get in undetected, we do our mission, we get out undetected by using our skills we have acquired through training. We get in, we get what we came for and we get out.
If they hear you, then you have failed, if they see you, then you have failed, if they find you, then you have failed. If you leave traces, you have failed.

You have failed and others will pay the price for your failures. That is a heavy price to pay! And that price you do not wish to pay. So do your job and do it well.

That job will at times require you to be Silent but Deadly. Your aim must be true, your breathing smooth, you’re to have your timing right, your eyes focused, and your mind sharp.

Our craft is that which can be the creation of nightmares. Those nightmares are what makes the enemy second guess their choices. What makes them pause and consider.

We are the tip of that silent sword, you will learn to be seen, heard, and known, while also being unseen, unheard, and unknown. You are to be dismissed as someone who is not a threat until such time as you are in the right place and position to show just what type of threat you can be.
Your duty is to your mission, for which you may never be known. Your duty is to your calling which may not give you the praise it deserves, your duty is to your fellow unit members, who also have a duty to you.

Go forth, learn things!


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