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2023.06.01 - Capt. Keith Richard added to the Fleet Memorial list
2023.05.30 -  8th BN report submitted to 1st BDE DOIC.
2023.05.30 - 130th MSG (SFMC) report submitted.
2023.05.30 - Monthly Status Report for May submitted to SFI
2023.05.28 - 1863rd SOU (SFSO) report submitted.
2023.05.27 - Cmdr Keith Richard submitted to fleet Memorial with rank of Captain
2023.05.25 - The USS Mountaineer dims her lights for a period mourning
at the passing of our members Cmdr Keith Richard, my father. It was
through him I was first exposed to Star Trek.
2023.04.30 - 1863rd SOU (SFSO) report submitted.
2023.04.30 - Monthly Status Report for April submitted to SFI
2023.04.30 - Both issue 6 newsletters submitted to the R1 Exchange.
2023.04.30 - Monthly Report for R1 Comms RDC.
2023.04.30 - Monthly Report for R1 Eng RDC.
2023.04.30 - Mountaineer Eng/Comms Ship newsletter issue 6 is available.
2023.04.24 - We are turning into a social butterfly. This is because we are trying to
get our name out there. We have a Facebook group, Facebook page, LinkedIn, Twitter,
Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, A Yelp Business profile, a Google Business Profile, Webpage.
All in the name of getting more people to see us and want to be part of us.
2023.02.22 - Charity Partner Putnam Aging Program Ambassadorial Award
2023.02.22 - Shyann Converse Awaded "Let me Help" award for Charity work
2023.04.16 - USS Mountaineer website won R1 website of the year 2022.
2023.04.16 - XO attended R1 CO/XO meeting.
2023.04.10 - Mountaineer Comms Ship newsletter issue 6 is available.
2023.04.05 - Happy First Contact Day
First Contact Day was a holiday celebrated to honor both the 
warp 1 flight of the Phoenix and first open contact between 
Humans and Vulcans on April 5th, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana.
2023.04.05 - Now hear this, the Mountaineer shall render
a 29 phaser salute in honor of 29 fallen coal miners who lost
thier lives giving us electricity. Further more we shall remember
the two who made it out, for their lives are forever changed.
"The Upper Big Branch Mine disaster occurred on April 5, 2010
roughly 1,000 feet (300 m) underground in Raleigh County, West
Virginia at Massey Energy's Upper Big Branch coal mine located in
Montcoal. Twenty-nine out of thirty-one miners at the site were killed."
2023.04.04 - Official Annoucement
2023.04.04 - Handbook 3.5 now active.
2023.04.04 - *Boatswain's call*
Attention on Deck!
 WE DID IT! We are now fully active as commishioned ship .
2023.04.02 - 8th BN report submitted to 1st BDE DOIC.
2023.03.31 - 130th MSG (SFMC) report submitted.
2023.03.31 - 1863rd SOU (SFSO) report submitted.
2023.03.31 - Monthly Status Report for March submitted to SFI
2023.03.30 - Both issue 5 newsletters submitted to the R1 Exchange.
2023.03.30 - Monthly Report for R1 Engineering RDC.
2023.03.30 - Monthly Report for R1 Comms RDC.
2023.03.29 - Mountaineer Eng/Comms Ship newsletter issue 5 is available.
2023.03.27 - Recieved final tasking orders for our
Commissioning on 2023.04.04.
2023.03.23 - *Boatswain's call*
Attention on Deck!
The USS Mountaineer shall resume normal operations.
Thank you for your respect.
2023.03.22 - *Boatswain's call*
Attention on Deck!
The Mountaineer will come to 1/2 speed
and dim her lights for 24 hours, in honor of someone who
would have been a member who was born today March 22.
Susan "Tigger2" Richard. March 22, 1968 - November 10, 1999 .
2023.03.20 - Annie Bakaleinikoff Joined the crew and promited to crewman.
2023.03.18 - We are on par for April 4 becoming fully commissioned.
2023.03.15 - XO attended R1 Eng RDC Meeting.
2023.03.13 - Mountaineer Comms Ship newsletter issue 5 is available.
2023.03.01 - Handbook 3.4 now active.
2023.03.01 - Region 1 Newsletter added to our website.
2023.03.01 - Both issue 4 newsletters submitted to the R1 Exchange.
2023.03.01 - Mountaineer Eng/Comms Ship newsletter issue 4 is available.
2023.02.28 - Monthly Report for R1 Comms RDC.
2023.02.28 - Monthly Report for R1 Engineering RDC.
2023.02.28 - Monthly Report submitted to SFSO for Feb.
2023.02.28 - Monthly Status Report for Feb submitted to SFI.
2023.02.24 - XO attended R1 1st BDE SFMC monthly meeting.
2023.02.22 - Sent a quote request over to a local vendor to get a
commission plaque made for our ship. Trying to support our
local businesses as much as possible.
2023.02.15 - Mountaineer Comms Ship newsletter issue 4 is available.
2023.02.15 - XO attended R1 Eng RDC Meeting.
2023.02.15 - Happy Birthday to our XO Commander Stephen Richard.
2023.02.11 - Dual Con is upon us, it was a very nice recruiting event
Details are in the Mission reports and Photo Gallery.
2023.02.06 - Final review of all items for our recruiting event on
Feb 11.
2023.02.05 - Added manual updates 3.1 to 3.3 to the version list working
on 3.4 by adding history and 3.5 will be the release upon commission.
2023.02.04 - The future is looking bright for the Mountaineer!.
2023.02.03 - Proceeding with our new manual update for the
commissioning release.
2023.02.01 - Submitted reports for SFMC and SFSO.
2023.02.01 - Our STARFLEET Marine and Spec Ops units are fully
2023.02.01 - January MSR Submitted.
2023.02.01 - Engineering and Comms Reports sent to R1 RDC's for Jan.
2023.01.31 - Moved Michael & Kara to being crewmen on the ship.
2023.01.28 - XO attended the R1 Handbook update first team meeting.
Was nice to talk to Ruth (Green) Lane former RC for R1 on the committee.
2023.01.27 - XO attended the BDE1 monthly meeting as the OIC
of the MSG assigned to the USS Mountaineer.
2023.01.25 - Added Achieve for CQ to our website. This will
contain any CQ issue that has something about us.
2023.01.18 - Working on putting together all of our recruiting materials.
2023.01.14 - Added new awards to the awards section that the
Crew were granted.
2023.01.13 - Marine Capt Andy Clifton joined the Spec Ops unit.
2023.01.09 - Submitted our Charity work report for the Q1 CQ.
2023.01.04 - Happy Birthday to Ens Shyann Converse.
2023.01.02 - Engineering and Comms Reports sent to R1 RDC's.
2023.01.02 - January newsletters published and submitted to the
R1 Exchange.
2023.01.01 - Working on our January newsletters should have them
ready soon.
2023.01.01 - For the challenge mentioned on 2022.12.05 our final total
of classes were 137 and for the full month it was 169.
2022.12.31 - MSR submitted for the Month of December.
2022.12.30 - Submitted our final request for full launch as a
commissioned ship. We have met all the goals to start this process
early than the final date of 2023.04.04.
2022.12.22 - Today the CO and XO dropped off the gifts for the
family we sponsored, this combined with the food elements
donated from our partner BowlesboyzBBQ were greatly received
by LT JG Jonathans Nelson who will pass them onto the family
his report will follow. (see in Mission Reports).
2022.12.20 -
*Boatswain's call*
Attention on Deck!
The USS Mountaineer Dims her lights in memory of
our Clergy Rev. Daphene Richard.
2022.12.18 - XO attended the R1 End of year/Christmas Celebration
CO was not feeling well.
2022.12.13 - We are pleased to announce the promotions of two
 of our crewman. Jonathan Nelson has moved from the rank of
Ensign to the rank of Lieutenant J.G. and Andy Clifton has moved
from SFMC Rank 2nd Lieutenant to Marine Captain rank.
2022.12.05 - Starting the Crossfield challenge with the USS Aequitas
to see which of the two existing Crossfield class ships could
complete the most academy courses starting from Midnight
2022.12.05 and stopping at Might night 2023.01.01.
2022.12.01 - Mountaineer Comms Newsletter for December
published along with the Engineering and Comms combined
2022.11.30 - New Partner added to our Charity list.
2022.11.27 - Added the areas for SMFC, SFSO, Awards, and
Charity Work.
2022.11.25 - Had to recreate the ships history from the logs as
the page was not getting updated correctly, I guess what I get
for trying to do it the easy way. But now its working and
I believe all the way updated.
2022.11.25 - First let me say happy birthday to our CO Fleet
Captain Mary Francen.
2022.11.22 - Andy Clifton promoted to 2LT working on SFMC
2022.11.20 - USS Mountaineer CO/XO attends third Region 1
CO/XO Meeting.
2022.11.19 - Submitted 9/11 flag article to the CQ for Dec.
2022.11.16 - Crew members now stands at 11 still good for
2022.11.16 - Sadly a crew member had to be removed from the
ship. Their name has been redacted from the logs.
2022.1.15 - R1 Newsletter Exchange published to web for
2022.11.14 - Pennies for Easter drive started for 2023.
2022.11.14 - Pet Fleet assignment to USS Mountaineer.
2022.11.14 - Contacted CO of R1  USS Aequitas to coordinate
effects for Crossfield class ship standards.
2022.11.13 - Crew manual update being evaluated.
2022.11.13 - Crew members now stands at 12.
2022.11.13 - Andy Clifton joined the Crew.
2022.11.13 - XO granted Flight Control Officer Certification.
2022.11.12 - CO/XO starting planning of ships awards
for next year.
2022.11.10 - Region 1 awards submission completed.
2022.11.09 - Our Logo patches have arrived!
2022.11.08 - The Klingon Attack Group (KAG) challenged
STARFLEET to their annual toy and food drive.
2022.11.06 - CO challenged the USS Challenger CO to get
them involved in the 2023 Toys for Tots Challenge.
2022.11.06 - Attended support ship USS Challenger meeting.
CO Adm. Bob Vosseller is very proud of how far we have came
in such a short time.
2022.11.06 - Announced for submissions for Dec Newsletter.
2022.11.05 - USS Mountaineer Hospitality Crew attends
Mac & Cheese Cook-off and tries to recruit members.
2022.11.04 - Want to add new charity for 2023 called
Wreaths across America. They add Wreaths to veterans
graves. And we have a local group here that does this.
2022.11.04 - Became Partner with Putnam Aging Program
in the Senior Citizens Pet care Program.
2022.11.01 - Ships patches ordered.
2022.11.02 - First Engineering Newsletter published.
2022.11.02 - Received kudos from Fleet Shakedown regarding
2022.11.01 - Submitted Engineering Report to R1 RDC.
2022.11.01 - 2nd MSR Report sent.
2022.10.31 - Commodore Kevin Plummer came on board
for a shakedown inspection. He has been very helpful
in getting this ship up to par and getting us working
within the group.
2022.10.31 - Business Cards Created for handing out for
2022.10.30 - CMO Fleet Captain David Singleton approached
his working group to be a part of our challenge for the Toys
For Tots.
2022.10.30 - CO/XO challenged the crew to do a charity
toy gathering for 2023 to see how many total toys we can
gather for the Toys for Tots program.
2022.10.27 - Received word we will be able to recruit at
event next year for gamers called DualCon.
2022.10.24 - By request from Ens. Jonathan Nelson he
has moved from Chief of Science into ships Counselor role.
2022.10.24 - George Barber promoted to Cadet.
2022.10.24 - Crew members now stands at 11 enough to start
Final Commissioning.
2022.10.24 - George Barber Assigned to the Crew.
2022.10.24 - Kara Barber Assigned to the Crew.
2022.10.24 - Michael Barber Assigned to the Crew.
2022.10.23 - XO Cmdr Stephen Richard joins R1 Manual
update team.
2022.10.23 - USS Mountaineer CO/XO attends second Region 1
CO/XO Meeting.
2022.10.18 - USS Mountaineer Charity work announced for
1. A single child in one local church
2. A single child in another church
3. Wreaths made for senior citizens raffle
4. Adopt a senior
5. Toys for Tots
6. Free clothing Closet
7. Pet food for Senior Citizens
8. Donated to local 7/11 for helping a local family.
2022.10.18 - CO & XO have a working lunch to discuss new
events, they also are able to discuss recruiting with restaurant
2022.10.14 - R1 Newsletter Exchange published to web for
2022.10.08 - USS Mountaineer Hospitality Crew attends
Chili Cook-off and tries to recruit members.
2022.10.07 - CO Maria Dutilly from Region 7 ship USS Stella
Pirata, to meet with our crew and share knowledge.
2022.10.05 - New Crew member added name redacted.
2022.10.04 - Shakedown end announced as 2023.04.04.
2022.10.04 - First Status Report sent to SF Command.
2022.10.04 - USS Mountaineer Declared fit for shakedown.
2022.09.30 - First Recruiting flyers posted.
2022.09.29 - USS Mountaineer CO/XO attends first Region 1
CO/XO Meeting.
2022.09.23 - Search for Recruiting Videos yields good results.
2022.09.22 - CO FCapt Mary Francen receives the symbol
of command as a Stainless steel Crossfield class pizza cutter.
2022.09.16 - First Call for Charity work for our Crew.
2022.09.15 - First Newsletter presented to the crew.
2022.09.15 - The first Crew manual presented to the crew.
2022.09.14 - R1 Newsletter Exchange published to web for
2022.09.14 - CO FCapt Mary Francen and XO Cmdr Stephen
Richard attend a memorial flag raising of the 2001/9/1 flag.
2022.09.05 - Crew members now stands at 6. Well on our way!
2022.09.05 - Crewman Ramlakhan assigned Science Department.
2022.09.05 - Crewman Shanta Ramlakhan Joined Crew.
2022.09.03 - USS Mountaineer has cookout with staff and friends.
2022.09.02 - USS Mountaineer joins Region 1 newsletter
2022.08.31 - Crew training simulation presented to the crew.
2022.08.31 - Crew members now stands at 5 enough to start.
2022.08.31 - Ens Nelson assigned Science Department Chief.
2022.08.31 - Ens Jonathan Nelson joins the USS Mountaineer.
2022.08.31 - Shakedown request sent to SF Command.
2022.08.30 - CO passes STARFLEET Data Protection Policy 2.
2022.08.30 - CO passes STARFLEET Data Protection Policy 1.
2022.08.26 - XO passes STARFLEET Data Protection Policy 2.
2022.08.24 - XO passes STARFLEET Data Protection Policy 1.
2022.08.24 - XO passes Officer Command College Exam.
2002.08.24 - XO passes Officer Training School exam.
2022.08.21 - Received official recognition of name USS
Mountaineer and Registry Number NX/NCC-325306 from DTS.
2022.08.20 - Recruiting Flyers and Announcements published.
2022.08.18 - Sent request for name and NCC to DTS.
2022.04.17 - Received paperwork for deployment from SF
Shakedown director.
2022.08.15 - First Newsletter Mountaineer Comms Published.
2022.08.13 - Sent Message to other SF ship in Delta sector
within our patrol area. No response
2022.08.13 - CO Flt Captain Mary Francen promotes LT. JG.
Stephen Richard to rank of Commander.
2022.08.12 - Command Staff have their first face to face
meeting about the operations and expectations of the
new ship.
In attendance:
Flt Capt. Mary Francen CO
Flt Capt. David Singleton Medical Chief
Acting XO LT JG Stephen Richard
Ens. Shyann Converse Food and Hospitality Chief.
2022.08.12 - Flt Capt. Mary Francen sends her newly created
operations manual to Support ship CO Adm. Bob Vosseller
for his input and suggestions.
2022.08.12 - CO Flt Capt. Mary Francen names LT JG
Stephen Richard as acting XO. He will also be carrying on
duties as Engineering and Communications Chief until further
staff are available to take over positions.
2022.08.12 - Admiral Bob Vosseller CO of USS Challenger
NCC-1676D in Region 7 becomes associate member as our
Support Ship liaison during the shakedown process.
2022.08.12 - Enroute to Region 1 Space Dock, in communication
with ship who will be within our assigned area upon
final commissioning.
2022.08.12 - Studying data from Region 1 Delta Sector
to understand the lay of the land and the assignment areas.
2022.08.11 - Permission granted to disembark from
USS Challenger NCC-1676D in Region 7 to Region 1
space Dock.
2022.08.10 - Beginning to create the operations manual.
Thanks to the commutations chief  LT. JG. Stephen
Richard for his hard work on this project.
2022.08.08 - In record time the computer systems (website)
are already setup and ready to be implemented once the
ship has been completed and certified ready for activation.
2022.08.06 - Interdenominational Chapel named in honor
Rev. Daphene Richard who passed away before the ship
could be commissioned.
2022.08.06 - Honored Guests assigned:
CMDR. Keith Richard Retired Security
Minister Daphene Richard – Memorial.
2022.08.06 - The first 4 crew members are assigned to the ship:
Flt. Capt. Mary Francen - CO
Flt Capt. David Singleton - Medical Chief
LT. JG Stephen Richard - Communications and Engineering
Shyann Converse - Hospitality Operations.
2022.08.04 - Ens. Stephen Richard receives field promotion to
02022.08.01 - The keel of the newest Crossfield class science
and battle starship is laid out in the new Archer Space dock,
assigned name USS Mountaineer.
2022.08.01 - A dream given form. After time away from fleet
operations our CO Flt Captain Mary Francen decides to go
back into active duty. Having formally been the XO of the
USS Challenger NCC-1676-D assigned to Region 7.
2006.04.01 - Stephen Richard Promoted to Ensign.
2006.02.18 - Stephen Richard joins STARFLEET.
2004.11.08 - CMO promoted to Fleet Captain as CMO of USS
2004.11.08 - CO promoted to Fleet Captain as XO of USS
1998.09.19 - David Singleton joins STARFLEET.
1996.06.14 - CO passes Officer Command College Exam.
1996.03.04 - CO passes Officer Training School exam.
1992.01.25 - Mary Francen joins STARFLEET.

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